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    【學術報告】Multifunctional Hydrogels as An Emerging Platform for Sustainable Energy and Environment

    報告題目:Multifunctional Hydrogels as An Emerging Platform for Sustainable Energy and Environment

    報 告 人:Prof. Guihua Yu (University of Texas)

    報告時間: 2019.07.13 15:00-16:40

    報告地點: D01 201


    Guihua Yu is a tenured professor of University of Texas. He received his B.S. degree with the highest honor in chemistry from USTC, and earned Ph.D. from Harvard University, followed by postdoc at Stanford University. His research has focused on rational synthesis and self-assembly of functional organic and hybrid organic-inorganic nanomaterials, and fundamental understanding of their chemical/physical properties for advanced Energy and environmental technologies. Yu has published over 140 papers in many prominent journals with total citations over 23,000 times and H-index~73 (HCR 2018). Yu has received Fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry, US DOE Early Career Award, ACS ENFL Emerging Researcher Award, Outstanding Young Innovator, MIT Technology Review ’35 Top Innovators Under35’, IUPAC Prize for Young Chemists etc. He serves as Associate Editor of ACS Mater. Lett., and is in Advisory/Editorial Board of over 10 journals such as Chem., Chem.Soc.Rev.


    This talk will present an emerging class of polymeric materials we developed recently: nanostructured functional hydrogels that are hierarchically porous, and structurally tunable in terms of size, shape, composition, porosity, and chemical interfaces. Several advances on these nanostructured hydrogels-enabled advanced energy and environmental applications will be showcased including high-energy lithium-ion batteries and supercapacitors, electrocatalysts, and solar water desalination and atmospheric water harvesting.

    (來源:石油與化學工程學院、科研與學科工作部  作者:石油與化學工程學院  編輯:科研與學科工作部  更新:2019-07-11  點擊:次)
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